7 Sarvodya Marbles: the stone company - Mosaics, Tumble, Inlays
Our Team - are the assets of Sarvodaya

We are a project-based company that is a complete Service Provider.

For a good finish, attention has to be paid to each detail at every stage - from designing, to procurement of the stone, to installation, to polishing. It is our team of highly skilled craftsmen, well trained CAD engineers and quality checkers who are the biggest assets. “We believe that our people define our company”. We have the distinction of working on a large number of prestigious hotels in India.

Sarvodaya Enterprises, under the personalized supervision and guidance of partners - Sandeep Seth and Sandeep Gupta, have an in-house work force of over 400, including architects, designers, engineers, foremen, project supervisors, masons and polishers. They can afford to pay attention to every detail. Sarvodaya, in fact, has a supervisor to worker ratio of 1:10. Since most of the masons are from a rural background they have little, if any, experience with modern methods and standards of construction.

When any worker joins the company he undergoes a period of on-site training, which may last upto 3 years, only after which he graduates from an apprentice helper to a mason. After which he becomes a part of a team consisting of 10 workers, who work in tandem under one supervisor. Three or four, such teams work under an experienced foreman. Our organised workforce has proven an asset which is what gives us an edge over our contemporaries in the stone installation fraternity.

Sarvodaya operations are aimed to satisfy discerning clients who understand and appreciate value-based services offered with complete transparency and honesty. Honesty, hard work and dedication are the lifeline of all the people who work under the flagship of Sarvodaya. Sarvodaya staff has imbibed from the experience of working with the best architects and interior designers, demanding international standards of quality and execution. Every Sarvodian is driven by a common vision of quality and a passion for a work well done.

India's strength and tradition of stone, craftsmen, artisans and creativity is known the world over. We at Sarodaya have explored this artistic inheritance and provided new concepts to master the delicate process of working with natural stones. Our people specialize in decoratively combining great architectural plans with stunning Interior designs.
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